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Best Wedding Venues in Gensan (Airconditioned Halls)

General Santos City is best known because of the globally famous boxing fighter Manny Pacquiao who has always promoted the 'capital city of tuna'.

For most people who have no time to travel but are curious of what General Santos City has to offer when it comes to wedding venues, here are some of the best wedding venues in Gensan according to my own opinion as wedding planner catering clients to this place.

This is just a random listing and NOT according to ranking. So here goes...

Best Wedding Venues in Gensan 

This marvelous huge convention hall can accommodate a very huge crowd of probably 500 or more guests. I had a first-hand experience working with Phela Grande staff and here are my observations:

- They have very friendly and quick to understand waiters. 
- Their marketing officer, Mam Luz is very accommodating even if I contact her at the wee hours of the night or morning. She never fails to return call or update you with details.
- They have very good tasting food.

- They have double bookings. During the day of my event with Phela Grande which was held at 3pm, there was another wedding reception in the morning that lasted to almost 3pm which pressured my partner florist Sir Rolly Jagonob and his team to set up everything in less than one hour!!! So it was really unfortunate that there was very little time to set up according to what we have planned. 

- According to other past wedding suppliers, they have a terrible sound system, so during our event here, we have rented a separate lights and sounds to meet the quality sound system that the couple wanted.

This is a compound of function halls. Each function hall has distinct number of guests accommodate inside it. 
I have also a first-hand experience working with them and here are my insights:


- The venue is equipped with fantastic lights and sounds equipment and they have electric trees that create a cherry blossom effect when used to accentuate the stage.
- They have built-in, in-house ceiling draping that could save a lot of decorator and florist efforts in setting up the place. With it, it can also be a money saver for couples to offset ceiling treatment for their reception decorations.
- They have a very bubbly and friendly Sales and Marketing Manager Mandy, who takes pride in his promotion of the place.

- I am not sure if the catering was part of the function hall because it was the choice of the client as per recommendation of the management or if it was entirely a different catering services. Me and my team observed that the waiters of that particular catering were not so professional in terms of etiquette. I wont divulge any more details about it. I just had a negative observation on the catering services.

- The location is slightly off the main highway but it can be manageable.

This is a prestigious place to conduct affairs in Gensan because of its fame to prominent people in the area. They have a Renaissance feel with a mix of dreamy garden setting, it is best for weddings with Nature inspired motif. It is an intimate place so it can probably accommodate around 200-400 guests. If you include outside setting, then it would probably cater up to 500 guests.

- The place is really nice for a quintessential styling. Great for royal themes and Cinderella story effects because the structure of the place is a mix of vintage elegance and romantic moldings.

I still have to write the Positive and Negative observations of this function place as I will be having an upcoming event to be held here soon. So I will just leave it at that. More details to follow.

I know there are still a lot of best wedding venues in Gensan but these three venues I have elaborated here are within the city and very accessible to transportation that's why I think they are best places. Your guests wont be having a hard time to locate them even if they are from out of town.

You may also want to check out garden wedding venues in Gensan as follows:

Click the link and you will be redirected to their respective online accounts. 

I hope you have learned a bit more about destination weddings to Gensan. For more personalized attention to you inquiries about conducting weddings and best wedding venues in Gensan (General Santos City), don't hesitate to contact me:

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Thanks for reading my post! Happy Wedding Planning!

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