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The Most Comprehensive Filipino Wedding Checklist

Philippines is a culturally rich country. There are many beliefs and rituals taking place especially during a Filipino wedding. Aside from the wedding cost, if you are planning to tie the knot with your Filipino spouse in one of the churches or places in the Philippines, you might need many things to prepare because a traditional Filipino wedding is not your ordinary westernized wedding. Here's a complete checklist of things you must prepare for your grandest event in your life, your dream Wedding Filipino Style!

The Most Comprehensive Filipino Wedding Checklist

Pre-Wedding Checklist:

During Wedding Planning, decide on the following:
  [] Color Motif

Attire for Female Entourage
 [] long gown
 [] cocktail dress
 [] knee-length
 [] below the knee length

Attire for Male Entourage
 [] Barong
 [] Suit
 [] Tuxedo
 [] Others
   [] Church (strict for Catholic Weddings)
   [] Outdoor (Christian Weddings)
   [] Reception
        [] Outdoor
        [] Indoor
   [] Caterer 
         [] c/o Hotel or Venue
         [] Independent

   [] with pre-nup
  [] without pre-nup
  [] other add-ons

  [] with pre-nup
  [] without pre-nup
  [] other add-ons

  [] Church & Reception Venue
  [] Church Only
  [] Reception Venue Only

Make-up Artist
  [] Bride & Groom only
  [] Bride, Groom and parents only
  [] Bride, Groom, Parents and Female entourage only
  [] Bride, Groom, Parents and whole entourage
  [] Bride, Groom, Parents, whole entourage, & others

Wedding Invitations
  [] for VIPs
  [] for Guests

Wedding Souvenirs
  [] for VIPs
  [] for Guests
  [] for Groom's Men
  [] for Bride's Maids

Cake Designer
  [] 3 layered cake
  [] 4 layered cake
  [] 5 layered cake
  [] satellite cakes
  [] cascading cake
  [] cupcakes with mother cake
  [] cake tower
  [] others

[] Photobooth

During- Wedding Day Checklist:

Church Checklist
  Mass Participants (Catholic Weddings)
   [] Priest
   [] Commentator 
   [] Readers
           [] Reading 1st 
           [] Responsorial Psalm
           [] Reading 2nd 
           [] Prayers of the Faithful
   [] Offertory and Offerors

Things to prepare: 

o   Candles on stand   (2)
o   Unity Candle (unique to Christian Weddings)
o   Candles for lighting the Unity Candle (2)  (unique to Christian Weddings)
o   Fruits
o   Flowers
o   Unblessed Host
o   Wine
o   Cruets (wine and water)
o   Ciborium (host)

  Ceremony Materials

[] Secondary sponsors
[] Candles
[] Matches or lighters
[] Cord
[] Veil
[] Arrhae (13 pieces of coins)
[] Bride's Bible
[] Rings (with fakes if necessary)
   [] Pillows (2)
   [] Misalettes and/or ceremony program
   [] Garter (worn on the right leg of bride)
   [] Flowers for: 
   >Maid of Honor
   >Junior Bridesmaids
   >Flower girls
   >Secondary sponsors
   >Principal sponsors 
   >Mother of the bride
   >Mother of the groom
   >Bride's throw away
   >Boutonnieres for suits

   [] Recessional Effects
   >Party Poppers
   >Rice grains
   >Others: balloons

   [] Songs for:
   > Wedding Processional march
   > Entourage
   > Bride
   >Lord's Prayer
   >Picture taking
   > Wedding Recessional March

   [] Food tidbits for travel to reception
   [] Priest's stipend (optional)

   [] Jewelry and accessories
Reception Checklist
  [] Invitation 
  [] RSVPs
  [] Flat shoes
  [] Souvenirs
  [] Gifts 
   >Principal sponsors
 []  Seating arrangement (unique to high-end, Westernized Weddings)
 []  Reception lay-out
 []  Place cards (unique to high-end, Westernized Weddings)
 []  Menu cards (unique to high-end, Westernized Weddings)
 []  Drinks

 []  Reception Songs
   >Entrance of newlyweds
   >Bouquet activity
   >Garter activity
   >Married couples activity
   >Cutting of cake
   >First toast
   >First dance 
[]   Entrance for the reception
[]   Procedure for pictures with guests
[]   Reception programme

   >Opening prayer and blessing of the food

   >Acknowledgment of principal sponsors

   > First Dance (Prosperity Dance)
   >Table hopping
   >AVP if any
   >Bouquet toss or other activity
   >Garter toss or other activity
   >Married couples activity

   >Wedding Bell Pull (Balloon Bursting)
   >Releasing of Doves
          >Bestman's toast (prepare copy)
          >Wishes from the Maid of Honor (prepare copy)
          >Parents of the newlyweds
          >Couple (thank you, honoring, etc.)

 []  Cutting of cake
o   Serve Cake
o   Favors

 []   First toast (unique to Westernized Weddings)
 []  First dance
 []   Presentation
o   Song
o   Dance
o   Friends

[]   Programme card
[]   Materials for bouquet toss and garter game
[]   Registration table specially for arranged seating (unique to high-end, Westernized Weddings)
[]   Guest book or cards
[]   Crew meals
   Persons in charge: 
   [] Registration table:
   [] Gift registration:
   [] Distribution of gifts:
   [] Payment to suppliers:
   [] Make-up Artist:
   [] Dress Designer:
   [] Photographer
   [] Videographer
   [] Transportation
   [] Hotel or caterer
   [] Musicians
o   Church:
o   Reception:
   Sound equipment
  []  Cake maker
  [] Florist
    o   Entourage
    o   Church
    o   Reception
  [] Reception venue
  [] Wedding Planners
  [] Others

Post- Wedding Checklist
[] Make-up remover
[] Endorsements of the ff:
    [] Ceremony materials
    [] Reception materials
    [] Food for the bride's family
    [] Food for the groom's family
    [] Gifts
 [] Transportation
     [] For bride
     [] For newlyweds
     [] For family
     [] For gifts
Contact Numbers of Suppliers
   Make-up artist:
   Hotel or Caterer:
   Sound Equipment:
   Cake Maker:
    Reception venue:

If you find it overwhelming to take note each one of the wedding checklist, you can request your maid-of-honor and bride's maids and even the groom's men to assist you in preparing the materials. Sometimes, the couple want their friends and family to just enjoy and relax during the entirety of the wedding event. For a hassle-free, worry-free wedding planning, it is best to hire a wedding coordinator on the day of your wedding or better yet, hire a wedding planner six months before the wedding event to ensure smooth flow of the event and stress-free transition from single-hood to married life.

Good luck with your wedding planning! I hope this article helps you in reducing stress in your wedding planning process! 

For your On-the-day wedding coordination needs, you can always count on us for assistance! For questions and inquiries, do not hesitate to email me at

All the best in you transition to married life! Tete-a-tete!!!

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